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Quality is Our Priority!

Of course we guarantee our work and we have a unique Quality Post Card feedback system, but the scenario below best illustrates our professional approach to resolving problems and providing consistent quality over time.

You had your third housecleaning today and you discover a problem when you arrive home. The bathroom mirror is streaky and they didn’t clean the floor behind the toilet. Anxiety sets in. You have company coming in a few days and, while it’s not a big deal, you don’t want to clean a bathroom you just paid someone else to clean. What should you do?

The simple answer is to just call us. But you hesitate... you tried that with the last service company you had, and you left six different messages and missed the call the one time they called you back. When you finally did speak with them, they became very defensive and made you feel like a whiner. On top of all that, you kept having the same problems on future cleanings.

Will we ever leave a mirror streaky? Sooner or later we probably will. Of course our staff is pre-screened, well trained, and well supervised to minimize such things, but they are human, and as such, will make the occasional mistake.

When we do make a mistake, call us within 24 hours. Unlike 95% of the companies in the yellow pages, we answer the phone during business hours. You won’t hear excuses. What you will hear is an apology. Then we will dispatch a team, the next business day, to re-clean the area that was not done properly, all at no charge.

Calling us when there is a serious lapse is the easy part. There are three vital things you must give us to get the kind of quality you want every time we clean your home. They are, in order of importance:

1. Feedback

2. Feedback

3. Feedback

Just complete our online electronic Quality Post Card. We don’t know how to make it any easier for you. The payback for you is consistent high quality cleanings. But please note that it is unfair to the team if you only submit the electronic Quality Post Card back when you find a problem. They get monthly quality bonus checks based on their grade point averages. Responding by submitting the electronic Quality Post Card is like giving them a big tip, but with our money. It also provides a powerful incentive for the staff to understand and please each of our customers.

We are proud of the fact that very few customers cancel our service due to problems with the quality of our work. Sadly almost all such cancellations come from customers who rarely or never submitted their electronic Quality Post Cards.

Proudly serving Clark County.