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We Proudly Present
The Perfect Gift

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Gift Certificates

What make this such a great gift?

• Perfect for almost any occasion.

• Mother’s Day

• Housewarming gift

• New parents (who needs it more?)

• Birthday

• Christmas

• Chanukah

• Wedding

• Boss’ day

• Secretary’s Day

• Valentines Day

• How much you spend is confidential.

• Our certificates can be denominated in either dollars or cleaning time. There is no need to divulge how much you spent.

• Quick availability.

• They can be picked up at our office in Henderson during our regular office hours. Please call us at 702-445-1642 before you arrive and we will have everything ready and waiting for you.

• We can mail them to you.

• We can send them via overnight mail. (FedEx charges are additional).

• Something the recipient will use and enjoy.

• 85% of the certificates we issue are redeemed within three months.

• 96% are redeemed within six months.

• Our team supervisors frequently comment on how thrilled people are, when using our certificates, to have received such a thoughtful gift.

• We have many repeat certificate customers.

• Many recipients are so happy with the gift they have received that they go on to arrange their own regular service with us.

• A range of prices and terms available to suit any budget.

• One-time cleanings for a small to average house start well under $100.

• Some people purchase a regular service (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly) for their spouse, parents, or children. This could be for a short period of time or for an indefinite period.

• Gifts for regular services are paid as-you-go. No large upfront payment is required, allowing you to stop service if you move or your circumstances change.

• Special discounts off the face value are available exclusively to our existing regular customers.

Proudly serving Clark County.